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Want your students to be more alert, focused and ready to tackle the academic challenges of the school day? An Expanding School Breakfast program is an effective way to meet the nutritional and health needs of your students.

Here are a few reasons why Expanding Breakfast Receives High Grades*

  • Improves classroom performance and yields better test scores and grades*
  • Increases children’s ability to focus and concentrate on school work*
  • Decreases disciplinary problems, tardiness, and visits to the nurse*
  • Increases attendance rates
  • Parents don’t need to worry about their children eating right to start the day
  • School breakfast offers a wide variety of healthy foods, meeting USDA requirements.
  • Students look forward to a nutritious meal to start the day off right – they’re healthier, happier, better behaved, and more productive throughout the day.


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For more information about the Expanding Breakfast Awards program, contact Becky Low (801) 487-9976