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Meet and Contact Staff:


Jenn Harrison  

Jenn Harrison (Jenn@dairycouncilutnv.com) - CEO
Jenn is in her 17th year working with the Dairy Council and in 2014, after serving many roles over the years, takes the helm as their leader . She has a passion for the dairy industry and admires and respects the dairymen who work hard every day caring for their animals and the land. When not at work, Jenn trains and competes in triathlons. She enjoys watching her daughters achieve goals both academically and physically and is constantly running to soccer, basketball and horseback riding.

Karen Koncar    

Karen Koncar, R.D. - Retired
In early 2014, after 30 years of serving dairy farmers, Karen Koncar is retiring.  A graduate of Kansas State University, Karen was raised on a dairy farm in Northern Utah where she developed her passion for representing the hard work and dedication of local dairy farmers. During her tenure, Karen established herself as a national leader. She was elected the first woman and dietitian to serve as vice chair of the manager's group, and in addition to serving on the executive committee for Dairy Management Incorporated, Karen organized and led new employee orientation workshops for Dairy Council Staff across the country. In retirement, she is looking forward to spending time with her family and animals.


Becky Low, MS (Becky@dairycouncilutnv.com) - Vice President, School Programs
Becky is the Vice President of the Dairy Council of UT/NV and has been providing nutrition research and educational materials for schools, health professionals, and nutrition educators for the past 13 years. Becky has also been the expert on a weekly KSL TV cooking segment since 1995 (Tune in to Studio 5 Friday mornings at 11:00). When she’s not helping consumers integrate the science of nutrition into their diets, Becky enjoys cooking, camping, and collecting books. Becky is in charge of the Fuel Up to Play 60 program in Utah - helping students, program advisors and schools to eat health, get active, and make a difference. 


Libby Lovig, MS, RDN (Libby@dairycouncilutnv.com) Vice President, Nevada
A sixteen-year veteran of the Dairy Council of Utah and Nevada, Libby is a vice president and our Nevada native. Libby’s work is multifaceted and includes daily promotions, public relations, education, and promoting the region’s dairy farmers. A dressage rider, horse lover and runner, Libby’s favorite dairy indulgence is a glass of ice-cold milk. Libby will don her dietitian hat and blog about hot nutrition topics, issues unique to Nevada, and how families can use dairy to build a healthful diet.


Kristi Spence, MS RDN CSSD (Kristi@dairycouncilutnv.com) - Vice President, Communications & Industry Relations
As the Vice President of Communications, Kristi is a registered dietitian and board certified as a specialist in sport dietetics. Kristi works with health professionals and dairy farmers to communicate dairy's positive message in order to improve the health of our community and showcase the care, hard work and dedication that goes into and creating fresh dairy foods. Kristi loves spending time with her family and tinkering in the kitchen. 

Ashley Huntington  

Ashley Huntington (Ashley@dairycouncilutnv.com) - Marketing and Events Director
As the newest member of the Utah Dairy Council, Ashley is no stranger to the dairy industry.  While serving as a state and local Dairy Ambassador in Utah, Ashley  developed a passion for nutrition education and dairy promotion. Serving now as the Marketing and Events Director, Ashley helps executes dairy events including refuel activities, FUTP60, farm tours, the Utah Dairy Convention, and most importantly, Ice Cream Festival, which also happens to be her favorite dessert. 

 Megan Headshot 98X98


Megan Ostler, MS RDN (Megan@dairycouncilutnv.com) - Communications Manager

Megan is a registered dietitian with a love of all things food. As the communications manager, she shares her passion for food, science, and dairy through traditional and social media. Her goal is to share the story of diary goodness from farm to table. She also works as a clinical dietitian at McKay Dee Hospital. Megan enjoys savoring delicious food, rock climbing, and spending time with friends and family.

Debbie Vaughn  

Debbra Vaughn (Debbra@dairycouncilutnv.com) - Administrative Assistant
Since January 2010, Debbie has been the Dairy Council's Office Administrator. Born in Mt. Pleasant, Utah, her grandparents were farmers, so she feels right at home working with the dedicated dairy men and women of Utah & Nevada. Debbie oversees the Dairy Ambassador Program and serves as the vendor liaison for the annual Utah Dairy Convention. She loves interior design, gardening, reading and traveling, but her main focus in life is her husband, children and four grandsons.

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