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How Now 'Butter' Cow

The butter cow - yes an entire sculpture carved from butter - is a tradition at State Fairs across the country. Utah's Butter Cow is always a hit at the fair. Showcased in the "Creative Arts" building, the sculpture is a representation of art and tradition. In 2011, the butter cow took on a new dimension - the Dairy Council began sponsoring a Butter Cow Design Contest for Jr. High School students across the state, and artists Debbie Brown and Matt McNaughton demonstrate their artistic talent as they transform our design winner's two dimensional drawing into a 3D masterpiece.

2013 Winner - Beam Me Up Bessie!

Winner: Stephanie M. Snow Canyon Middle School

2013 Butter Cow Winner Alien Cow 

2013 Butter Cow Sculpture Beam Me Up Bessie


View Our Sculpture Archive to look at past sculptures. 

Ever wonder how it's done?

This short video gives a behind the scenes look at the creation of the 2010 butter cow.