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Did you know that nutrient-rich cheese can fit into almost any eating plan? Made from just a few simple ingredients, cheese makers have developed thousands of varieties, each with a unique taste and texture to suit all palates and nutritional preferences.

Fast Facts for Professionals:

  • In today's food environment, 16% of teenagers and 26% of adults are reducing or not eating meat in their diets - both of these groups are in search of alternative sources of high-quality protein. Cheese can help fill the gap by contributing dietary protein as well as calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin A.
  • According to the Institute of Medicine, growing girls are at risk of low calcium intake. As part of a balanced diet, cheese can contribute much needed calcium for proper development and general health. 
  • Cheese may help children eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. 
  • Most cheeses are gluten free.
  • Natural cheese is made from just four basic ingredients (milk, salt, starter culture - aka "good bacteria," and the enzyme rennet).

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Local Cheese?

You are in the right place for finding great, local cheese. The Mountain West has some excellent resources for hand-crafted, locally-produced, fresh cheese. Visit your local farmers market, or check out our farmer blog, "The Cow Locale" to learn more about some of your local producers.