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Kids' Health:

The educational materials included on this page are ideal for teachers, health and school nutrition professionals, parents and kids. Click on the title to display materials in PDF format.  If you can't find what you're looking for, please email the Dairy Council of Utah and Nevada here.  

Children's Health Paradox

Overweight and obese children have reached epidemic proportions in the United States.  It is estimated that 70-80% of obese adolescents will remain so as adults.  This two-page information sheet addresses the childhood overweight and undernourished paradoxes (printed 2002).

Importance of Dairy in Daily Diets of Infants and Young ChildrenBoysBleachers.jpg

This article dispels the misconceptions regarding the role of dairy as part of the daily diet for children.  It is a reprint from the American Academy of Pediatrics News, June 1, 2007

Milk and Wellness

All school districts were required to create a school wellness policy and have it in place by June 30, 2006.  Milk and wellness policies go hand in hand to provide the needed calcium in the diets of school-age children.  This fact sheet describes how the 'New Look of School Milk' assists school wellness policies and healthy eating in schools.

Nutrient Standards in School Food

Produced by Action for Healthy Kids in December 2005.  This report, in a series of PowerPoint slides, spells out the nutrition trend of children.  It describes the need for school guidelines to protect the nutrition and the physical activity environment of schools; and suggests evaluation questions helpful in assessing the impact of school wellness policies. 

Practice Nutrition Learning - To help students put classroom nutrition learning into practice, the nutrition messages between classroom and school environments need to be consistent.

This handout offers easy ideas for teachers, school food services, nutrition professionals and parents to bring classroom learning to life.

Safeguarding the Health of Children with the Importance of Dairy Foods

It is crucial for children and underprivileged adults to meet their basic nutritional needs in order to protect them from deficiencies that may negatively impact their current and long-term health. By emphasizing the consumption of nutrient-rich foods, such as low-fat and fat-free dairy foods, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, children and adults can ensure the overall quality of their diets.