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Presentation Archive

Throughout the year, Dairy Council staff deliver presentations on a variety of topics for groups and organizations across the state. This page is designed to house some of the handouts and powerpoint presentations from those sessions. If you cannot find something or if you have any questions, please contact us

Presentation Topic (click to download)    Event & Date    Presenter
Behavioral Economics   FACS 2012   Kristi Spence
Our Food Environment - Keynote   UAND 2012   Kristi Spence
From Grass to Glass - Breakout   UAND 2012   Kristi Spence
Sport Nutrition Update    UDA, FACS 2011   Kristi Spence 
2010 Dietary Guidelines    FACS, SNAU 2011   Kristi Spence
Plate Appeal    SNAU 2011   Kristi Spence
Food Connection   UAHPERD 2011   Kristi Spence