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DFLogo_web_100x100.jpgHigh School $500 Replenish Grant


Chocolate milk is the ideal recovery beverage, and the Dairy Farmers of Utah are once again pleased to offer 'REPLENISH GRANTS' for Utah High Schools. Increasing consumption of low-fat milk post exercise helps students "Fuel Up" to Play 60" minutes every day.

A $500 Grant is available per school to implement consumption of low-fat chocolate, strawberry or white milk as a way to begin rehydrating, refueling and repairing athletes following games/practices.

Grant applications will be reviewed and schools notified as applications are received. Once approved, the grant check will be mailed to the school within 2 weeks. Grant money must be spent by May 1, 2014.  A final grant report will be due no later than May 31, 2014 (see report process below). 

Dairy Farmer Board of Directors will be observing grant participation requirements.


  1. Implement low-fat milk (chocolate, strawberry or regular) as a way to replenish athletes following games/practices.
  2. Have or purchase cooling equipment to stock low-fat milk and make available for athletes. 

Apply below, click here to print application or apply online at Eventbright.

Report Process:

Final Report due May 31, 2014. The following information will be required in your final grant report. (electronic format preferred).

  1. Provide a copy of receipts of milk purchased or delivered.
  2. Provide a brief description of how low-fat milk impacted your athletes.
  3. Attach pictures of your practice(s)/game(s)

Purchasing Milk:

Success is most likely if your school has:

  1. ONE contact person (i.e. Athletic Director)
  2. Contact person MUST coordinate with Food Service Director to:
    • Inform of desire to implement program and request assistance
    • Coordinate receipt of milk deliveries from supplier at same drop-off point as school lunch milk
    • Assure milk is kept COLD from the time of delivery to consumption
  3. Contact person CONFIRMS funds are available before ordering
  4. Dertermine which processor supplies and delivers milk to your school within the school milk contract (Food Service Director can help) and contact appropriate processor below:
  • if GOSSNER FOODS: Contact Kelly Luthi - (435) 713.6120 OR (435) 752.9365
  • if MEADOW GOLD: Contact Quinn Downard - (801) 907.0564 OR (801) 694.6133
  • if WINDER FARMS: Contact Dan Verrinder - (801) 963.4825

**The contacts above will work with you to set up your account and place your standing order of milk.

**Pricing will be established as you coordinate with your supplier.

Download application & report process - PDF • WORD DOC

Mail completed application to:

Dairy Farmers of Utah C/o Jenn Harrison • 1213 East 2100 South • Salt Lake City, UT 84106 • OR FAX: (801) 487.6975

QUESTIONS? Contact Jenn (801) 487.9976  OR (801) 918.6815