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About Us:

We are the Dairy Council of Utah & Nevada, a non-profit organization comprised of small team of dedicated professionals devoted to the promotion of lifelong health and the enjoyment of food. We work on behalf of Utah & Nevada’s Dairy Farm Families to provide timely, scientifically-based nutrition information to the media, health professionals, consumers, and others concerned about fostering a healthy diet. Contact us at any time for further information.

Since 1915, the National Dairy Council has led the country in dairy nutrition research, education, and communication and is a nationally recognized leader in educating school children – most recently through it’s Fuel Up to Play 60 Program. Founded in 1953, the Dairy Council of UT/NV is one of 18 state and regional organizations that works with the national office to conduct research and communicate with media and health professionals.

For more information, see our Guiding Principles for Nutrition Science and Health Communications.

The Dairy Council is a  Quasi-State entity, which means that its mission has a public purpose relating to the state and its citizens. While we supplies dairy-related tools, knowledge, and grants to the people of Utah, its efforts are 100% funded by dairy farmer dollars - no tax payer dollars support council activities. For more information on our promotion and education spending, see our Financial Report.

Our Values:

  • Integrity: We maintain the highest standard of ethical behavior at all times, establishing and maintaining open, honest, respectful and trustworthy relationships with our endowers, customers, partners and co-workers.
  • Excellence: We strive to build the highest standard of quality, accountability and measurability into everything we do. We attract the right people and partners to our mission and we direct, empower and honor them when their goals, and those of our owners, are achieved.
  • Leadership: We are willing and able to make decisions and take necessary steps to ensure that our programs and organizations are valuable assets to dairy producers and the dairy industry. We lead by example. Our ideas, abilities and discipline make a difference.
  • Collaboration: We believe that a collaborative environment motivates us to be our best. We work as a team and strive to recognize and leverage diverse perspectives and experiences, listening to and learning from all, at all times. We are independent in thought, but united in action.
  • Innovation: We believe in developing and fostering an environment that encourages and rewards creative and strategic thinking. We accept the need to take informed risks to achieve greatness. We embrace the inevitability of changes in the marketplace and work to take advantage of the opportunity change affords.